Life, or my un-life, Hadley mused has been happier than when she was a mere mortal. She looked down at her sleeping man, smiling, she brushed a stray lock of his long blonde hair from his face.  Her heart swelled with love. Hadley recalled a time in her human life, that she was utterly alone and

Hadley had left home, seeking greener pastures, but what she got was a desert waste land, barren and dry.  She met a friend on night, someone she knew from high school.  Hazel Witherspoon convinced Hadley to go to a private party. But Hadley was not prepared for the type of party this was.

Now Hadley was no prude, she experimented with sex, drugs and rock and roll, but this? This was beyond her frame of reference.  She knew vampires existed, but to see one? Well that was a whole different story.  As Hadley peered around the room, she seen vampires of all shapes and sizes, feeding.  Their sharp fangs buried deep in the neck of their partner and they were enjoying it.  Hazel offered Hadley a hit off her bong and Hadley eagerly accepted.  She took a long hit and held the smoke in her lungs, feeling the drug slowly relax her.  As she took another hit while Hazel explained that at this party, they could have any drug they wanted, from cocaine, crack, pcp, acid, ecstasy to crystal meth. The one catch was that Hadley had to allow a vampire to feed from her after she’d partaken of the drug.  A vampire could get high if they ingested the blood of someone who was on drugs.Image

Hadley was fascinated.  She sought out the table that held ecstasy and popped two pills.  Within a half hour, she was seeing a mosaic of colors floating around the room and the music that was playing became visual. The notes of the music became shapes and colors and the glow sticks that others twirled, left trails of light in their wake.  She was riding that wave when a man who called himself Roache appeared at her side. He smiled and told Hadley how beautiful she was.  As he said those colorful words, Hadley felt his finger trail along her cheek, down her arm and brush her breasts.  The thing about ecstasy is, that it made any touch feel like, well ecstasy.  Hadley shivered with delight and followed Roache into a bed room where they had sex.  Hadley should have realized that  Roache was not the exotic french name she thought, but short for CockRoach.  Over the next few months, she and CockRoach had sex, he gave her drugs and one night, he pimped her out.  Hadley knew now what this was, she was slowly seduced into becoming CockRoach’s whore.

Hadley looked at her Pup, Matt, as she recalled that particular part of her past.  She remembered that at first she was reluctant.  She soon grew to enjoy her work. Craving the money and drugs she got from it.  Hadley never saw Hazel again after that night. She found out that Hazel knew what she was getting Hadley into and Hadley thought the guilt of that, is what made Hazel eat the end of her gun.

Matt stirred in his sleep, bringing her back to the present, reaching for Hadley instinctively.  She just smiled and stroked his broad shoulder.  Matt was so good, never judging her for her sordid past.  He’s shown her so much love, the love she realized she craved.  She would gladly walk her trouble path again if she knew Matt was waiting.  She would have sought out her maker and would have begged to be made vampire.


As it was, meeting Sophie was the one thing that put her on the current path she was on.  The Queen took such a shine to Hadley and made her, her vampire childe. Meeting her human death was the best thing she could have done.  Hadley felt she made a better vampire than she did a human.  She had not only changed physically, but emotionally as well.  She found herself, for a lack of a better term.  Her self confidence shot up.  She found that she would no longer be a victim.  Hadley recalled the sexual torment that her uncle Bartlett had caused.  She now held the power and that made her comfortable in her own skin.

Hadley couldn’t help but chuckle.  Everyone believed she’d wind up dead in a gutter somewhere, well, they got the dead part right. As Hadley snuggled into Matt’s embrace, she knew sh would walk through heaven or hell to get into this man’s arms. And she knew, he felt the very same way.  She kissed the tip of his nose and whispered, “I love you, Pup.” and she died for the day……


Home Sweet Home

We have been through so much together, Hadley thought as she watched Matt sleep.  She could not believe just how much her life had changed and in just a few short years!

Hadley was married, but it was no longer a marriage of love. She was very unhappy, she just did not know what she planned on doing about it.

Hadley put on her favorite jeans and tank top, grabbed her Nike sneakers and decided to go for a walk.. She headed toward town, the sidewalk nearly empty at this time of night.  She spied this man with gorgeous flaxen hair and a smile that came straight from the heavens.  As she neared him, she could hear his voice of silk and it just washed over her.  He was speaking to someone else but as she neared, he glanced over and caught her eye. Hadley couldn’t help but smile.

As she approached, she noticed he had cornflower blue eyes that sparkled.”Hi, I’m Hadley, You must be new to town. Let me be the first to welcome you.” Normally, she could care less about new arrivals in town, but there was something about this man. “I’m Matt.” was all he said, but his eyes spoke volumes. They were so intense, it was like he couls see through her.  ”So what brings you to Bon Temps?” She asked.  He simply replied, “To watch the golden boy come crashing down.”  While he took a of his beer, she just arched her brow and said, “Oh? That should be fun to watch!  It’s always a special treat to watch those golden children get their come uppance.” Then she said, “You’ll have to let me know when that happens.” He looked at her and smiled.  ”I sure will Darlin.” Hadley extended her hand to shake, but when he took it, he appeared shocked. “You’re a vampire?” She smiled and said, “Yep. But don’t worry, I’m not hungry for a drink just yet.”  He just smirked. Hadley then asked, “Want to go out sometime?” He gave her an apologetic smile and replied.  ”I don’t date dead girls.”  Hadley wouldn’t admit it, but she was disappointed.  ”Well if you ever change your mind…” The words hung in the air, before she turned to leave, she offered a smile.  It was a brief encounter, yet she felt something she hadn’t in a long time. Hope.

Some time had passed and Hadley often thought of the man she met. Imagine her surprise when she want out with some friends and Matt was there! She walked up to the table where her friends sat and said to Matt, “Fancy meeting you here.” and she smiled.  She did notice something however,  his scent was different. He smelled like, NO! It couldn’t be! A shifter? Was he bitten? A million things ran through her mind.  She joined her friends and ordered an O+ True Blood and enjoyed herself.

It wasn’t long until she heard Matt’s voice raised and seen him arguing with a female.  Hadley got up and went over to ask what what was going on? The vampire Layla said that a filthy shifter needs to learn his place. Hadley spoke up. “I don’t see anything wrong with him. He was every right to be here as you do.  He may be a shifter, but that doesn’t mean he’s less of a person.” It pissed Hadley off because he was the only shifter in the bar being singled out.  ”Layla,” Hadley said. “He’s fucking staying and if you press this, you and I are going to have a problem.”  Hadley glanced at Matt, his jaw clenching with anger.  She was pissed too.  She knew what it was like being singled out and shit.  But Hadley knew it was highly frowned upon to take the side of a shifter over your own kind.  She didn’t care.  Layla was wrong. Finally Layla relented and we headed back to our table.  Our friend Mai and Matt’s girlfriend Anna asked what Matt did to get in trouble.  I glared and said, “He. Didn’t do anything.”  I could tell Matt was pissed but he was watching me with laser focus.  Hadley was getting super pissed. Why was everyone giving Matt such grief?  IT wasn’t right.  It shouldn’t matter if he was a shifter, right was right and wrong was wrong.

When they called it a night, Matt, Anna and Mai went home and so did Hadley. Unfortunately, she was dreading it. She had been more relaxed tonight, than she had been in a long time.

As Hadley got in bed that night, her husband came home and wanted to fuck.  She did too, but just not with him.  That night, she envisioned Matt’s face while she fucked her husband.

Hadley had seen Matt often since that night at the bar.  They became fast friends.  One night, Matt wanted to stretch his abilities to shift.  He’s tried various animals, but he wanted to try shifting to a vampire.  Hadley said that he needed to study a vampire in order to become one.  Off to his hotel she went.  She walked in and he was only wearing jeans, no shirt, socks or shoes.  Hadley thought that if her hear still beat, it would be in her throat right now.

“So” she said, “You want to shift into a vampire?”  She smiled when he said yes.  ”Ok then, you need to see one. All of one.” Hadley started to shed her clothes until she stood before Matt naked. Hadley smiled at the look of hunger on Matt’s face.  He did end up shifting into a vampire, but afterward, he closed the gap between them and kissed her.

That kiss was better than she could ever dreamed! The way his mouth slanted over hers, his tongue seeking and finding the entrance to her mouth, was soul searing.  She pressed her body closer, feeling his cock hard against her belly. Oh! This is it! She wanted this man so bad.  Her body was trembling with need.  But in a blink of an eye, she was home! NO! She wanted to scream. When she turned, her fae friend was there. She knew it was a fae, she just didn’t know who. “Why did you do this?” Hadley asked indignantly.  Holly just said, “To keep you from making a huge mistake.” Then she poofed  away.  Hadley was trembling. Not just with unfulfilled desire, but fury as well. What gave her the right to do that!  Angrily, Hadley went to take a shower.

A few days passed before Hadley had seen Matt again.  But Hadley’s desire did not wane. In fact, it grew.  So when she did see him, she completely let go.  If going to his hotel was wrong, she didn’t care and if she was poofed away again, she’d eat the guilty fae!

When Matt opened the door, he was dressed as he was before, shirtless, jeans and no footwear.  Well, Hadley just growled. Matt knew what she was there for and she was going to get it.  She couldn’t go unfulfilled again.  Hadley stepped in the room and turned to face Matt. There was a fire there, she knew that her own eyes were fueled with that same fire.  Matt closed the door and stalked over to Hadley.  He stood so close that she could feel the heat from his body.  Hadley being short, had to crane her neck to look into his eyes. When she did, Matt spoke for the first time. “I’ve been wanting to do this again, for the longest time.” Matt then cupped Hadley’s face and kissed her hungrily.  This was not a tender kiss. This was a kiss of pure carnality, desire and unfulfilled desires. As that kiss deepened, Hadley’s hands roamed over Matt’s broad chest.  His body felt so good pressed against hers. She could feel his cock, so hard pressed against her.  An overwhelming urged racked her.  She slid her hands down his body and unfastened the buttons on his jeans, slid the zipper down and slipped his jeans down his legs. She kissed her way down his stomach and found that sweet happy trail that she was going to follow.  Soon she was on her knees before him, Hadley admired his hard cock. She said, “I can’t wait to taste this.”  Those were the last words spoken before she fed the length of his cock into her mouth.  Her tongue worked over his hard length as her hand wrapped around the base and slowly started pumping.  She heard Matt groan and felt his hands in her long blonde hair.  As she slid her mouth up and down his cock, sucking and licking, she felt his hips starting to move until he was fucking her mouth. Hadley could feel the moisture pooling between her legs. She was on fire for this man. She wanted to taste his cum spurting into her mouth, but Matt had other ideas.

He pulled her up and with a thick voice, he said, “I want to taste that pussy!” He then growled and her clothes were practically shredded as he tore them from her body.  Matt picked her up and carried her to the bed. Once there, Matt grabbed her knees and slowly parted them. He fully looked at her, drank in her beauty and when he spoke, his voice was rough.  ”I can see how fucking wet you are already!”  He then lowered himself and kissed up her calf, then her thigh, up and up he went. Hadley quivered with anticipation. She could feel Matt’s hot breath on her bare pussy.  Hadley opened her legs all the way, in total surrender.  Then she felt his first lick of her delicate folds and her body convulsed as if she were electrocuted.  Soon, moans filled the room and Hadley was now fucking Matt’s tongue. She was close but wanted, no. Needed to feel Matt’s cock in her pussy!  ”Please.” She begged. “I need to feel your dick deep inside.” Hadley whined. She felt Matt leave her pussy and kiss his way up her body. Paying special attention to each breast before moving up to kiss her deeply.  Hadley could taste her own essence on his lips! God, this man was intoxicating.

Hadley felt the tip of his cock on her pussy, she reached down and guided him to her entrance.  Matt slid in slowly, groaning “This is good pussy. So tight.”  Finally, he sank all the way in and stayed there for a moment, kissing her.  When the anticipation became too much, he slowly started pumping his hips.  What started slowly, became a frenzy.  He was fucking her so hard, she was surprised the bed didn’t break.

His balls were slapping furiously against her, she raked her nails down his back, pulling him deeper.  Hadley felt that wave building, so she slid her hand down and started rubbing her clit furiously.  It was building and building until that wave exploded over her. She screamed his name as her pussy clenched around is fat dick.  Mat never stopped fucking her, even as her cum slipped over her pussy. Her orgasm was so intense! Just as one wave receded another was building. “I’m going to cum again!!” she screamed. And oh did she! Her pussy gripped his dick like a fist!

She could feel Matt’s sweat dripping from his brow.  She was determined to taste him! Hadley pushed Matt back on the bed, quickly descending on his cock.  She could taste her cum on him! That turned her on so much that she started stroking her pussy while she sucked his dick. Up and down his dick she went. Sucking hard and fast. His hands on her head, fucking her mouth. “I’m gonna…” was all he said before hot spurts of cum filled her mouth. Fuck! He tasted so good!  Hadley swallowed every drop and shortly after he came, she did again.  She knew she couldn’t give up this dick, it was too good.

Matt pulled Hadley up and kissed her. “I’m so glad you didn’t disappear this time.” Matt said.  Hadley just laughed and said, “Me too.”

Matt and Hadley fucked often after that.  They grew so close. The final straw in Hadley’s sham of a marriage came when Remy called her telling her Matt was attacked. He was conscious long enough to whisper her name. Remy, being Hadley’s ex husband, knew of whom Matt was referring. There weren’t many Hadley’s in the area. So, Remy called Hadley. When Hadley went to leave, Aiden, whom detested her friendship with Matt, told her that if she left to help him, their marriage was over. For Hadley, that was an easy decision. She walked out that door and never looked back.

Remy had given Hadley directions to where he found Matt.  When Hadley arrived, she wanted to cry.  Matt was near death.  Without thought, Hadley bit into her wrist and gave Matt her blood.

Slowly Matt regained consciousness and his wounds began to heal. Hadley thanked Remy and carried Matt back to his place. She cared for him until he was fully healed.

Once Matt was healed, she told him that her marriage was over and asked him to accompany her back to her home. She just wanted Matt there if Aiden was there. It wasn’t that she couldn’t take care of herself, but she just felt comforted with him there.  When they arrived, thankfully Aiden wasn’t there. All his things were gone.

Once Matt came into Hadley’s home, he never left.

That seemed forever ago, now.

When Matt stirred, reaching, she knew he was reaching for her. The recent memories started to fade as she climbed into the bed and curled up in Matt’s arms. Home, she thought, is right here in Matt’s arms. With a smile on her face, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

Time goes on…

While it’s been a long while since I’ve last written, my time has been marked by love, laughter and some tragedy.  @Matt_Crenshaw and I have been busy trying to find a way for him to become immortal, without being made into a vampire.  We’ve seen @SeaGodNeptune, @RinaBIAtch and @Alecto_Punisher in effort to persuade the gods to bestow this gift. Matt passed all but Alecto’s trial, and therefore failed in gaining immortality.  You see, she wanted Matt to torture me. She said that she wanted to know how far he’d go for this gift. For her, it was a win win. She’s always hated Matt and I. So when Matt said that there was no way in hell he’d do the trial, time kept ticking away.

Also, we were met with heart-break. @PixieTheElf, our daughter, lost her baby. That was a devastating blow. Cookie had a distinct personality already. I’ve never experienced an elven pregnancy, so the fact that Cookie could communicate with us, was amazing! I looked forward to meeting this little bundle. But it wasn’t meant to be…and then Pixie went dark. I know it was the pain. She was coping the only way she knew how, but when she’s in this state, should could take out even the ones she loves. Thank the gods for @QueenOfIllusion (Sabine). She showed Pixie that she is loved and she found her way back.

Now, Matt and I are still seeking immortality, and our day person @JakeBradshawBD has chosen to become my child. We’ve hired two new day people, one for me and one for Jake. So now our family is growing, even though Jake and Sabine are already family. It amazes me how quickly things can change, yet stay the same.

Hopefully the next time I write, Matt will be immortal and the hands of time will be stilled permanently.

Supernatural Public Relations

Throughout the years us supernatural beings have been hunted and killed for being different.

Werewolves are seen as violent, mindless beings that only live for the hunt. While the wolves do enjoy a good hunt, I can say that they are far from mindless. Werewolves differ from their natural counter-parts in the fact that, while in their animal form, they can still rationalize, think, plot and reason. While vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, when it comes to being hunted, we share a common thread.

Witches while human in form, were hunted rather enthusiastically until recently.  The witch trials of Salem, Mass. proves my point, but what the public didn’t know then was, all of those that were killed in Salem were human, not witches.  Witches have had to be extremely cautious about their craft. They had to blend in and appear to live pious lives. Many humans have been murdered for being witches and the truth is, only a handful of these were actually witches.

Vampires also did not fair well throughout history. Many new vampires were staked before they even had the chance to rise after their three days. In Romania vampires are known as Moroi or Strigoi. The townsfolk are deeply suspicious and would dig up their loved ones to put a stake in their hearts or decapitate the bodies and sometimes, both.  Often  the remains of a vampire could be found with a brick in their mouths long after the stake had been driven. The people wanted to make sure their loved ones would find final rest and not be damned to walk the earth as an immortal.

Fast forward to now, what you see on the movies is mostly still the same. Witches appear to be old hags and werewolves are still the predatory hunters bent on blood and flesh. The only change is, the vampire is now seen as a romantic figure. Why is this? Two words, Public Relations.  The vampire community has hired PR executives to spin a new image. Once we were portrayed ugly and disfigured, like Nosferatu and once we became proactive, our image changed. The actors that portrayed us became suave, good-looking men, think Bella Lugosi, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and more recently, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer and if you can call a sparkling, animal blood drinking man a vampire, Robert Pattinson.

Now most of the world sees vampires as sexy and actually WANT to be bitten by us.  Will other factions of the supernatural follow in vampire footsteps and hire PR agents? Only time will tell, while there are still movies that portray vampires as ugly, blood thirsty creatures (30 Days of Night), there are many more that portray us as sexy, charismatic beings. (True Blood) For the vampire, things are pretty good.


Valentine’s Day

Most people enjoy Valentine’s Day, I do as well. However I just wanted to ponder something. While having a day where you can show your appreciation for a person is wonderful, I think it’s become too c0mmercialized.  While I don’t remember this, my dear Queen @MySophieAnne let me know that she actually received a heart (read: an actual human heart) for Valentine’s Day. But in my day, we would make our Valentines and then only one person would get them. Now you give them to everyone.

I personally like Valentine’s Day, but who needs just one day to appreciate one they love? It should be done everyday.

On another note, my man @Matt_Crenshaw makes loving him every day easy. He’s a wonderful man and I am very lucky to have him in my life.



Why do people feel like they need to play games with their mate? Why is it when there is something wrong, women say “fine”, knowing damn well something is bothering them? Why is it so hard for most women to say “look, I’m pissed because I asked you to do XYZ and you didn’t?” How hard is that? Woman, men are not mind readers, they do not pick up on subtle clues. If you are pissed, tell them why!

I am so glad that I have the type of relationship with my man that, if he’s pissed or I am, we can tell each other. Imagine what type of relationship you could have if you cut the bullshit, stopped playing games and spoke up?

Love makes people stupid. Makes you think that because the person is supposed to know you, they should know why you are upset. Don’t let love make you stupid. Speak up, it will avoid conflict down the line.



by: Hadley Hale-Delahoussaye

AKA @VampHadley


It’s been a week since I last seen the man I hunted in the woods. I keep thinking of him, the way he walked, the way he talked, smelled and let’s not forget the way he fucked me too.  I say his name to see how it feels over my tongue, Matt Crenshaw. Hmm I think sounds nice. I lay back in my bed remembering the encounter and before I know it, I’m up and heading out the door.  I need to feel the cool night air caress my skin, feel the wind in my hair… to run!

I grab my hoodie, slip it over my arms and put up the hood. I make my way down the bustling sidewalk as I head down toward the park. I can’t seem to get him off my mind; he’s invading my thoughts and dreams. I stuff my hands in my pockets and slink down the street, lost in thought, eyes down to the ground not really paying much attention to what direction I go. I was on my way to the park, but decide to head into the French Quarter.

I round the corner to Bourbon Street and inhale deeply. It may be cold but I can still scent the food wafting in the air, onions, baked breads, beignets, various types of sea food and beer.  The sad, soulful sounds of the blues, the clink of glasses and laughter troubling the air and I am enjoying it, reveling in it. I remember when I was human; I would come to Bourbon Street and party hard. I lived a hard, fast life. I let out a short laugh, who knew that the tragic human life I led would lead me to become a vampire.  I always felt that I was a lousy human and I guess it was true, but what I didn’t know was, the tragedy I had endured would make me into a strong immortal. At first, I was terrified of being turned, but now it was the best decision I have ever made. Can you imagine never getting sick? Or feeling hot or cold? Oh and lets not forget the strength! Never again will I be a victim!

I’m lost in my reverie when I run into a tall male. I mumble a half-hearted apology and then I realize I know this scent! Glancing up, I see Matt Crenshaw! I feel a warm feeling wash over me, I smile at him and he says. “Hello again, Darlin’.” I can feel my knees go wobbly but I don’t let on.  I imagine that if I had a beating heart, it would be pounding in my chest, but as it is, I do not. I ask him how he’s been, all the obligatory small talk.  What I want to say is that I’ve been thinking of him non-stop since our last encounter. God, it’s so nice to see his smile again, to hear his voice and his scent! It’s the scent I remember, fresh-baked cookies, lilac, lavender and fresh linens. I inhale it over and over so I can remember it when he’s gone. “Let’s walk.” I say to him and just like that we are walking the streets of the French Quarter. Soon we headed down a path that leads out of the city, to a remote area of the park that bordered a swamp. We are talking about the city, our likes, dislike and he asks me how I was made vampire.

I told about the drugs, the prostitution and the general direction that my life was taking. It was spiraling out of control.  Matt listened without judgment, asked questions when curious and then I told him about my Queen.

I met Sophie-Anne through a friend that had been invited to some grand soirée.  I had to dress up in a major way. This was a high-class affair and I have never been to one before. My nerves were on high alert.  When we entered the Queens estate, I was gob smacked.  This place was the type of place you see in magazines. It had maids, butlers and a mousey little man running around, whom I thought was the event planner.

I was talking to my friend when someone announced Queen Sophie-Anne. I was mesmerized. She was the epitome of grace and I wanted to meet her.  Since there was a receiving line, I soon got my chance.  As I approached her, my case of nerves grew and I found that I could barely speak. She smiled and bid me hello and I stumbled over my words. Apparently she found me pleasing because she asked me to meet me in her quarters. Once in her quarters, she asked if it would be alright if she fed from me and let me tell you, my nerves shot through the roof. I have never been vampire food before, but she was very gentle.

Over the next few months, she and I spent every waking moment together. Where ever Sophie-Anne was, I wasn’t far behind. I enjoyed the perks of being the Queen’s consort. That meant clothes, food, cars and the lavish parties. I was in heaven.  Then one night Sophie mentioned to me that she was thinking of what an amazing vampire I would make, I wasn’t so sure.  Over the next few months we discussed it the possibility and then I finally agreed.  Now I am fully aware that she could have turned me with or without my permission, but I found it very reassuring that she didn’t just turn me against my will.

As I told Matt about the circumstances surrounding my turning, he just listened. I did not see any prejudice on his face and to be honest, it was very nice. Most people, when I told them I was a prostitute or a drug addict, think I am no good. But not Matt, he just accepted that we all do things that were of questionable repute and that was it.  I have to admit, not seeing that spark of disgust in his eyes made me feel better. If I truly cared about what anyone thought, it was him.  I felt so at ease with him, that I could spill all my deep darkest secrets and know that they are safe with him.

He took my hand and kissed my fingers, smiled and said, “We all have things in our past that made us who we are, and I am the same. I have things that I’m not proud of.”  That was all he said on the topic and I didn’t push, I knew that many people do not offer up their secrets immediately, if ever. I didn’t push for details; I knew he would tell me when and if he ever felt that he could trust me. We sat there in silence for a long time and then I felt his calloused hand stroking my cheek. I could feel my head leaning into his touch, craving it. I turned my head to look into his eyes and I could see a hunger in his eyes.  I knew that look. That’s the look I had seen in his eyes the night of my hunt.  I brought my hand up to his cheek, the stubble from his six o’clock shadow tickling my palms. My eyes were on his while the air seemed to crackle around us. My thumb was stroking his cheek and time stood still while we searched each others faces.

He must’ve seen something he liked because he leaned in and kissed me softly at first, then more urgently.  His lips were soft yet firm, warm and inviting. I could not get enough of this man.  I didn’t know if I was going to be setting myself up for future heartache, but at this moment, I didn’t care. All I knew is that I wanted more.

As with any vampire, when you get turned on, your fangs descend.  Some call it a fang pop because one minute they’re hidden, the next pop, there they are.  So Matt knew instantly that I was turned on by him and he just gave me a smile, and kissed me some more. Only this time, I felt his tongue touch my fangs. That was it. I growled a low growl and pushed him back, straddling him. I looked down on him with a hungry expression. This wasn’t the predatory face I have when I hunt, but that of a carnal hunger.  My gaze held that same look, I’m sure. All I could think about was touching him, kissing him and licking his muscular frame.

As I stared down at his eyes of ice blue, I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful this man was. He has a strong jaw line, a sharp nose and long blonde hair that frame his face.  His smile could stop my heart if it were still beating.  I lean down to kiss him, my hair cascading around us in a blonde curtain and I slant my mouth over his.  My tongue slips out to taste his sweet lips and soon his mouth is open and our tongues are tangled in a slow, sensual dance.  Our kiss starts out slow, soft and sweet.  I’m using my tongue to explore his mouth, enjoying the sensation of his lips on mine. This man knows how to use his mouth and I eagerly return the favor.  It isn’t long before I feel his hands on my hips and he’s flipping me onto my back and his strong arms propping up his lean, muscular body so that he is looming over me and I can feel his weight on my body.  It isn’t uncomfortable, it’s actually very nice.  It makes me feel safe, protected.

Now he is brushing his lips to mine, this moment isn’t rushed or harried.  It’s a slow sensual, heat seeking moment and it’s searing me to the bone.  His free hand is sliding over my curves, up my stomach, over my breasts to my neck.  How did he know that I love it when I’m being kissed, I love my neck touched?  My own hands are busy.  Tugging up his shirt, I want to feel his hot skin again.  I want to feel the peaks and valleys of his muscles that are bulging in his back.  I trace my nails down his spine and I can see his eyes closing in response.  There is a spark between us that is threatening to burst into a full-fledged inferno and I am doing nothing to stop that from happening.  I want to feel this man between my thighs and soon after I have that thought, his hands are slipping beneath my shirt, unclasping my bra and tugging it free.

His hands are calloused and it feels so good against my sensitive breasts.  The pads of his fingers are slowly, deliberately circling my nipples, teasing them to stiff peaks.  It isn’t long before my shirt is being lifted over my head and his mouth descends to assault my nipples with an endless barrage of licking and sucking.  I’m arching my back, pressing my breasts further into his mouth, wanting more of this delicious teasing.  My hands are massaging his tight, firm ass and moving around his waist to loosen his jeans. My fingers moved quickly and soon his button fly jeans were unfastened and I was pushing them down over his hips.  His large cock sprung forward and I could not wait to get my hands on it.  I heard him let out a soft moan as my fingers closed around his engorged cock.

As my fingers glide up and down the full length of his cock, I can feel him growing thicker, harder beneath my cool fingertips. While my hands were busy re-familiarizing myself with his body, Matt was doing the same.  His hands were in a million places at once and it felt good. First his hands were in my long blonde locks, they then traveled down my neck to my collarbone, where he traced their outlines. I had to release his hard cock so he could move freely.  His hands then moved back to my ample breasts and then continued to kiss his way down my flat stomach.  I knew where he was headed and all I could do is prop myself up on my elbows and watch him.

I watched his tongue circle my navel, and then follow those sensuous licks with hot kisses. I could feel that familiar tug between my legs.  My skirt was off in seconds and Matt smiled a wicked smile when he seen that the only thing between what he wanted was my red lace thong that stood out against my pale skin.  The thong was now in pieces on the ground and I could feel his hot breath now caressing my slick folds. He started with his fingers, gently slipping them along the creases of my wet pussy and the long languid strokes of his fingers were making this vampire wild with his teasing.  It was like he knew what I was thinking because shortly after, he parted the lips of my wet cunt and settled in for a delicious feast.

His tongue glided around my clit, purposely avoiding the sweet bundle of nerves and he licked and sucked my pussy. I moaned and couldn’t keep myself propped up any longer, I wanted to sit back and enjoy the feeling of this man taking care of what my body needs.

I could feel his stubble prickling the tender flesh along with the probing of his tongue. He was expertly working his tongue around my pussy before he slipped two fingers in and started to finger fuck me.  My body was on fire for this man. My fingers were in his hair while he licked and stroked his fingers inside me expertly. I started thrusting my hips up to meet his face, the sensations overwhelming, building and the moment he started sucking on my clit, I came and came hard. He drank down my cum like it was the most delicious wine he’s ever tasted and then licked his fingers for more.  My body was like a wet noodle, but I wanted to please him as he did me. I asked him to lie on his back and he obliged.

Once he was on his back, I started to give him a massage. I started at his scalp, working my fingers through his hair, down his neck and over his chest. Where ever my fingers went, my lips followed. I worked my way down his chest, paying attention to his nipples. I slid my tongue around them, lavishing them with my mouth. As I worked my way down, I made sure my body was in full contact with his and when I reached his cock, I gave him a wicked smile and wrap my fingers along his length and I slowly, sensuously, start to stroke. I hear him let out a gasp, then a moan and I know that what I’m doing is making him feel good.  It isn’t long before the urge to suck his dick becomes too much, this is something that I really enjoy doing, I love giving pleasure and I love the power I feel when I look up and see him staring down at me.  I opened my mouth and brought my lips to the tip of his cock, I could see his excitement, as a bead of pre-cum pooled where I was about to lick. I slid my tongue out to lap up that pre-cum, my eyes slid shut at the taste and he let out a long moan. This was a moan of pleasure, like sitting down after a long day or slipping into a hot bath on a cold winter day.  I ran my tongue around the mushroomed tip of his cock while my eyes were on his face. He was looking at me with a dark hunger that I was beginning to recognize. My lips slipped over the head of his delicious cock and I began to suck, lick and stroke his thick, hard dick with my mouth. It wasn’t long before I was in a steady rhythm, enjoying the feel of his length between my lips and he was pulling me off his dick. He said in a husky voice, “I need to be wedged deep inside of you.” And with that, I got on all fours, pressing my chest low to the ground so that my sopping wet pussy was wide open for him. I felt a hard smack on the ass before the head of his cock was rubbing up and down, over my pussy.

My body was shaking with anticipation, I needed to feel him fill me and I knew he would.  He grabbed my hips, cock poised at my entrance and with one hard shove, slammed deep into my pussy.  I cried out, not in pain but in absolute pleasure. This man, the one that I met on a chance encounter days ago, knew how to get my body to respond like a fine tuned automobile and before long he had me purring.  He hammered into me like a jack hammer, showing me no mercy and I loved every minute of it. I could feel the familiar pressure starting to build. I was panting for him not to stop and it was like he could sense that I was teetering on that edge. He then smacked my ass, pulled my hair and shoved into me, his balls slapping at my clit as I came, hard. I kept coming. It was like a flood, when one wave of my orgasm ebbed, another one came crashing down and I could feel my cum dripping from my well fed pussy. He was snarling, growling as I soaked his dick with my cum. I was thrusting my ass back to meet him. He bent over me, biting my shoulder as he slammed into me and had his own release. His body jack-knifed, then slid off of me onto the ground.  I nestled in the crook of his arm with a smile on my face while his fingers were stroking my hair.

As we lay there, staring up at the night sky, I was thinking about what lies ahead for us, I wasn’t sure where we would be, but I did know that there was something about this man who I could not deny. I needed him. Though the words were unspoken, I could feel that there was more to him and me than just this carnal pleasure. There was a connection and I knew that whatever my future held, it included Matt Crenshaw.



When you find someone you can trust implicitly, you hold on to them. You hold on tight and don’t let go for  anything.


Matt Crenshaw is that man for me. I trust him with my life and the lives of anyone I hold dear. He is the type of man who won’t hesitate to tell you to fuck off if he thought you were out of line. He can be crass, blunt and to be honest, most women would probably not give him a chance.  That is their mistake.  Matt is the type of man who, when you are his friend, he will defend you against your adversaries. BUT. You have to prove to be a friend. My man does not trust easily and if you earn his trust, you have to be someone pretty special. That’s why when it comes to something he says, I trust him implicitly and if it came down to his word over someone else’s, guess what? I’d choose him every mother fucking time! He has always had my back, he’s fought for me, he’s saved my life, he’s loved me despite my past and I will be there for him until the day I meet my final death.

Some would say that I’d drink the Kool-Aid for this man, they’d be right. I’m not some naive little girl who has  never been kissed. I have seen more of this world than many will ever know and I know exactly what I’m saying when I say that I would totally drink the Kool-Aid for him.  Now don’t go thinkin’ that I’m some “Fatal Attraction” type of woman, that ain’t the case.  If you knew and I mean, REALLY knew the man that is Matt Crenshaw, then you would do the same thing.

Don’t ever count my man out. Don’t use him for your own purposes and don’t EVER think he is worthless, because let me tell you. He is worth more to me than any of you will ever hope to be.  I love my Pup.

One Hot Summer

I have posted this on my tumblr, but I want to use this forum for my short stories.

The night was hot, steamy, and sultry even and I decided to go out for a hunt. Walking through the streets of New Orleans, the different smells assaulted my nostrils. Scents from the various cafes, bars and street vendors. I walked down the street trying to catch a scent that would make my mouth water. Closing my eyes, I inhaled the air, my head snapped up and I turned toward a most delicious scent. This smell wasn’t the typical smell that you get with a human. This smell was like fresh baked chocolate cookies, lavender, lilac and clean linens. My mouth was utterly aching to taste the flesh of this person. I started walking, periodically sampling the air to ensure that I was still on the right path. Up ahead I saw this man, whose blonde hair shines under the street lamp.  I remember thinking it looked like spun gold. As I continued to watch him, I found myself hoping that this was my intended target.

I started following this man, trying to get closer without being noticed. Watching him move was something of beauty, he was agile, stealthy and light on his feet. I was completely enthralled by this man’s beauty. He stopped to get a beer from a street vendor and when I heard his voice I was even hungrier for him. He drank his beer with such gusto that it made me chuckle. I watched as he leaned against a brick wall to savor every last drop of his drink, when he was done, he deposited it into a trash can and continued to walk. I was able to keep pace with him easily.  Watching him slip into the tree line virtually unnoticed, I followed suit. Once we were out of the city, his scent became overwhelming. I had to have this man.

The sounds of the forest were alive around me, crickets, owls and other nocturnal creatures out hunting. This night, the creatures and I had something in common, I was stalking my prey, and after all I am a predator.  I smelled the pine trees and the damp smell of moss, the smells of Louisiana. These smells were comforting, homey even. I spied my quarry just ahead, and I kept moving closer.

I crept up behind him, unaware that he already knew I was following him. He turned and casually asked if there was something I liked. Smiling, I assured him that I was looking at what I liked.  He walked up to me so confident and ran the backs of his fingers down my cheek, down the side of my neck and barely grazed my breasts. I kept my eyes on his face while his fingers continued to tease. This man I thought knows what he wants and goes after it. I found I really liked that self confidence. I slowly reached up and ran my fingers over his soft, pink lips. My eyes followed the path of my fingers and I found that I really wanted to kiss him, to taste those juicy lips. I closed the gap between our bodies, lightly pressing my slender frame against his muscular one. Lightly resting my hand on his chest, my free hand moving around to the back of his neck. I pulled his lips to mine, tasting the beer from earlier mixed with the mouthwatering scents I had tracked. I slid my tongue out and over his bottom lip, then into his mouth. My tongue eagerly seeking his. I felt his body beginning to respond not only to the closeness of our bodies but to our kisses as well. While my fingers were on his neck, I move them to slip into his golden strands, tugging him closer.

His hands were not idle. He was letting his hands roam over my body. He was pinching my already taut nipples through the material of my shirt.  I let out small gasps of pleasure with each touch. His hands slid under the hem of my shirt and over my back. I could tell this man has seen hard work because his hands were rough and calloused. The sensations they presented made my skin react with goose bumps, especially when he trailed his fingers up and down my spine.

I followed his lead and slid my hands under his shirt; I felt the muscles of his back responding to my feather light touches. His back was strong and lean. If just this small preview was any indication, I was sure the rest of his body was just as lithe and smooth. I let my fingernails rake over his back, not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough to let this virile male know that I wanted more. I stepped back, out of his grasp and slowly tugged off my shirt. I could see the sheer hunger in his eyes and that was such a turn on. I became more deliberate with my moves, reaching back with both of my hands I unclasped my bra, slowly sliding the straps off my shoulders and letting it fall to the bracken beneath our feet. I wanted to see his body underneath the silver moon, so I slowly stepped closer and lifted the hem of his shirt, he understood completely what I wanted and quickly removed the obstacle of fabric.

When I finally got a good look at his shirtless body, a growl escaped my lips. I knew that there was no way I was going to let this opportunity slip by. I simply had to have him. Stepping closer, I ran my fingers down his chest, in between the valley of his six pack, finally coming to a rest on the waistband of his low slung jeans. I dipped my finger in his waistband and pulled him to me, closing the remaining space between us.  I can feel the heat rolling off of his body in waves that crashed over me. Both of my hands were on his chest, unable to resist I ran my lips softly over his hot flesh. I can felt him shiver from the cool touch of my skin. I had to taste him, the impulse was too strong and my tongue is peeked out, playfully licking his chest. My hands started roaming up over his shoulders, feeling the latent strength that lies beneath, just waiting to be unleashed.

My mouth started moving to the hollow of his neck, licking, tasting and teasing as I went. I heard the growls of hunger rumbling deep within his chest. I nipped his ear with my teeth and then, in a sudden fury of movement I was on my back looking up at him. His eyes dark, hungrily drinking in the sight of my body. He reached down and unfastened the button of my jean shorts. I felt the vibrations that the zipper made as he slid it down, my eyes watched his face. The complete and utter attention he’s giving this relatively menial task is a big indicator of the attention that he will be giving me all night long. I felt him tugging away my shorts, watching them fly through the air and land on a small tree branch. I turned my attention back to him as he loomed over my body. I reached up and pulled his lips to mine once again, hungrily taking his mouth with mine. Our tongues swirling, dancing around each other.

There is a heat between us kept growing, getting so hot that combustion was a distinct possibility. He started kissing down my neck and not with soft, gentle kisses. No these kisses denoted a hungry man about to feast on a meal that he’s been waiting for. He bit, licked and kissed down my throat, steadily stroking that heat until a deep fire started to burn.  His lips ran over my collarbone and continued the downward trajectory.  His lips found my nipples taut, ready to be suckled. His tongue flicked out like a serpent, striking out with precision at my nipple. I cried out at the slightest touch. As if sensing the need growing within me, he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked. Not hard at first, but gentle. His tongue slid over and over the tight bud. My body is responded to him with such urgency that overwhelmed me.  He adeptly moved to the other nipple taking it between his soft lips. My moans steady now, and I wanted to return the favor. I slowly started to sit up but he stopped me with a low growl. I looked into his eyes and realized that I am no longer the hunter, but in fact became the prey.

Can I give up all control to a man that I don’t know? Do I want to? These questions are sounding in my head as he took my panties and started sliding them down my legs. He quickly discarded them, running a hand down my body from the base of my neck, down to just below the navel.  Everywhere his hands touch, little trails of fire follow.  By now, my body ached to be ravaged, so I sat up and unfastened the button of his jeans. I heard him sucking in a quick gasp as my cool fingers touched his heated skin. I unzipped his jeans and started to slide them down his hips.  I saw that his body is responding in kind. His jeans were over his hips and he quickly took them the rest of the way off.  The material of his boxers was seriously stressed as his erection strained to be free. I reached up and lazily slid his boxers down over his hips, watching as his cock sprang free. I drank in this man’s naked form and appreciated the raw beauty that standing in front of me.

I just had to touch him. I got up onto my knees, looking up at him and ran my hand over his stomach, down to his throbbing cock. I heard him hiss in a breath and a curse as I took his swollen shaft into my hands. I simply admired how it felt beneath my fingers. I looked up with a seductive smile, slipping my thumb in my mouth and then rubbed it over the head of his cock.  I felt him sway slightly on his feet with the initial contact. I let my hand slide down the length of his cock and tightened my grip and slowly started to stroke him.  Groans started filling the balmy night air and I felt a sudden rush of wetness between my legs.  Once again I looked up at this magnificent male, I lick my lips, telegraphing exactly what I intended on doing to him.

My head moved closer to his pulsing cock. I took and ran the head over my lips, feeling the heat seep into me.  I felt him tense with anticipation.  A charge crackled in the night air palpably. I leaned in and flicked my tongue out and let it slide over the tip.  I can taste the salty pre-cum that pooled at the opening of his cock. When I heard him growl, I needed no more urging. I took his hard as steel cock into my mouth, letting it slide deep.  My tongue danced and swirled around it, feeling it pulse on my lips.  I started moving my head in a steady rhythm, tasting him. I used my free hand to lightly tug on his balls, massaging them between my cool fingers.  His hands are rested lightly on the back of my head, gently urging me on.  I started sucking harder but alternated between hard and soft sucks.  I was thoroughly enjoying the taste of him when suddenly; once again he was poised over me.

I pulled him down for a kiss and I felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh.  I spread my legs in invitation and arched my hips up to him.  His cock is teased my wet pussy as he rubs the head over my clitoris, I’m moaning needing to feel that large cock deep within me.  I watched him take his cock and put just the tip inside of me, my wet pussy so very tight around him.  Slowly, he fed his ram rod hard cock into my velvety wetness and loud moans erupted from my lips. His full weight was on me and it felt good.  He bent down and kissed me deeply, hungrily.  His tongue mimicked each thrust of his hips.  That small fire that was burning earlier has turned into a full blown inferno.

His back was slick with sweat, which didn’t surprise me given the balmy southern heat.  I kissed his neck and I let my fangs descend, grazing them over his soft, supple flesh.  I can feel that familiar ache in my fangs.  The need to bite overwhelming, as his cock continued to pound me deep into the earth, I sank my fangs into the flesh between his neck and shoulders.  That sweet taste flooded my mouth and I started to cum the moment it touched my tongue.  Growling against his neck, I took deep pulls and I felt him starting to cum.  Grunts and groans echoed off the trees, there were no other sounds but ours, his heavy breaths and my drinking him in. Before I took too much blood, I retracted my fangs and lazily licked his wound as he collapsed on top of me.  His weight isn’t uncomfortable; I actually found it safe and comforting.

As we lay under the canopy of stars, I heard his heart slowly returning to its normal pace. I am finding that I miss the sound of a heart beat.  I’m not going to think about the things I gave up, not now.  I curled up in this man’s arms, realizing that I don’t even know his name.  I lifted my head and looked up into those deep pools of blue and ask.  His reply? My name’s Matt Crenshaw darlin’. I smiled at him, and then rested my head on his chest as we drifted off to sleep beneath the crystal clear, starlit sky.